From the recording Snowing in the Park LIVE

LIVE version of Michael playing his ELECTRIC banjo! A tune he wrote as a birthday present for daughter Lindsay who lives in NYC. After talking about how much she loves "the park" (CENTRAL of course) Michael got the idea for a tune that would capture that "feeling" that most everyone gets when it's SNOWING in the park. Later on he realized this tune had WORDS, he just hadn't written them he did! The lyrics are attached here and he hopes to have the finished song appearing on his upcoming CD project. Try reading the lyrics along with the tune...who knows, YOU could be the next big star vocalist to sing SNOWING IN THE PARK!


Autumn’s passing, leaves have fallen, the cool of winter eases in.
And blankets white fall-- overnight.
It’s Snowing in the Park again. (right back into next verse..)
We all enjoy a sunny season, tho’ Child-like wonder happens when,
Snowflakes fly from a winter sky,
It’s Snowing in the Park again.
(Wait 3 measures…)
A snowing blowing wonderland, a perfect place to meet a friend,
The kind of cold that warms your soul,
Snowing in the Park again.
( Right into, quick chord jumps---Bridge)
Of all the seasons we have lived, those were the days, remember when?
Close your eyes and still you’ll see it, Snowing in the Park again.
This color white we’ve seen before So— why are we compelled to stare?
Summer haze and getaways, give way to snowflakes in the air.
Years will pass and winters later, wherever your life may have been.
There you are, while in the city, It’s Snowing in the Park again (repeat),
Snowing in the Park again.
Years have passed now winters later, Those were the days, remember when?
Here you sit, but in the city... it’s Snowing in the Park again…
COPYRIGHT @ Michael York 2014
All Rights Reserved