Banjo Adventurer!

Michael York first began playing banjo in 1976...In 2009, after attending an Earl Scruggs show, he decided to start getting better    at it.

Michael is proof that ANYONE can learn to play any musical instrument they choose, simply by DECIDING to do it and making a commitment to yourself to become a better student. He's also      proof that you don't need a band to play for audiences--just start playing and see where it can take you. As a professional speaker, consultant, and author, he speaks and writes on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and the power of GOALS.

As a banjoist, Michael say's he's "just having fun" with people who love music-- ALL KINDS of music, not just the typical BLUEGRASS BANJO that you might expect. This show has a few twists and turns and even a couple of unexpected BANJO adventures.

He has played a variety of music with bands from bluegrass to country to Gospel, classic rock and even jazz, recently playing        with Nashville recording artists, GalFriday Band and (when he can  get them all together) his own ensemble of musical adventurers-   Michael York and the Big Cigar Band.

Now his ONE MAN BANJO show brings his own unique combination    of live and "karaoke-style" banjo to venues all around the Charlotte area and beyond, showcasing tunes from some of the most famous banjo players ever, and some tunes you might recognize but have NEVER HEARD on a banjo. Hear the stories and see his tributes to   Earl Scruggs, Bela Fleck, Steve Martin, Styx and more.

Michael and his banjo's have appeared from Nolita House in            New York City to the legendary Caesars Palace and The Mirage          in Las Vegas! Across the Carolinas and frequently in the cigar      clubs and live music venues around the Charlotte,area. As an ambassador for many styles of music, ONE MAN BANJO is a             one-of-a-kind musical experience.

As Michael likes to say, "If you only see ONE One-Man-Banjo-Show   this year...Why not make it THIS ONE!"


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